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Strength Additive

Dry strength additive & Stiffness improvers

Due to shortage of softwood and the replacement by hardwood as well as the strongly increased consumption of waste paper as secondary fiber source deterioration in paper strength are inevitable. Further strength reducing factors are lower single fiber strength that was caused by chemical or mechanical damage. A further factor is a bad fiber to fiber binding. Dry Strength Additives are synthetic organic polymer derivatives. They strengthen and multiply the binding between fibers and fibers as well as fibers and fillers and therefore, improve the structure in paper.

The ADVANTAGES are improved strength properties of paper & paper board viz. breaking length, stiffness, burst as well as ply bond strength. An improvement in Retention is a desired side effect. Different grades of products have been developed for acid, neutral and alkaline paper making.

Wet strength Additives

Ezochem’s wet Strength Additive is a water-soluble polymer which provides wet strength to paper. The most common paper grades that utilize WSA include tissue and towel, liquid packaging, unbleached packaging board, and specialty grades such as label paper. It works at acidic to alkaline pH for wet strength & machine efficiency.

During the curing process, the cationic functional group reacts with cellulose fiber to form a covalent bond. The polymer molecules cross-link forming a network in the cellulose web that provides strength when the paper becomes wet. Additionally, it reinforces existing fiber-to-fiber bonds, which also enhances the strength of the paper when it is wet.