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Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) Resins

MF resins are aqueous solutions of rather low molecular condensation products of formaldehyde and melamine, in many cases modified with certain additives.

These resins are characterised by 55-60% solid content, a low viscosity and a colourless and clear appearance.

MF resins are applied for paper impregnation; thereby resin penetrates into the paper and through a combined thermal pressing and curing process a composite of paper and polymer with excellent surface properties can be produced.

Decorative and overlay papers (also fortified), filled with melamine resin, are used for the lamination on particle boards or similar.

To improve the large number of surface properties (flexibility, transparency,..) and to improve the impregnation and the lamination process, modifications of the melamine resins with different types of additives is very important.