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Ezochem’s Retention aids bind fillers and fines to the fibre so they can be retained in the sheet. If the fillers and fines are not retained with the sheet, they pass through the wire, where they create collection, disposal, and deposit problems. Retention aids also fix dyes to the sheet. Retention mechanism is mainly by reduction or neutralization of the surface negative charge of colloidal particle, fillers and fibres thereby enabling them to coagulate and aggregate on to large fibres by bridge formation. EZOCHEM's Retention and Drainage Aid Product Line consists large number of products in powder and emulsion forms for optimal working in a system.

Product Range

  • Anionic - medium & low
  • Cationic - high, medium & low

The working pH range is 4 to 9 and apart from increasing the First pass retention, these products also help increase the ash content in paper resulting in reduced cost of paper making.