Areas of Excellence


Amino Silicon Softners

EZo amino silicon emulsion is available in different percentage. 10%-70% as required. This emulsion gives excellent silky softness as well as water repellency to the fabric . it is used for both fabrics cotton/ synthetic.


Ezochem's provides a range of reactive softener. These are used in both cotton and synthetic fabrics. it is specially used for the crease recovery as the fabric and gives permanent finish to the fabrics. It gives excellent soft feel to the fabrics .

Defoamers / Antifoams

Ezochem's defoamers are highly effective antifoaming and defoaming agents which spontaneously and continuously removes the foam which occur in internal operations . Ezochem De-foamers are developed with a view to reduce surface tension at the liquid to air surface and thus eliminate foam. The type and quantity of defoamer to be used would depend on the quality of foam, pH of the medium etc., and would have to be determined by laboratory trials.

Liquid Starch

EZO-bond is range of liquid starch. Compatiable with every chemical used in textile offers a smooth finish.