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Decolourising Chemicals

Decolourising Agent for Juice Clarification

Ezofix is a cationic colour precipitant which removes colloidal/dissolved colour from sugarcane juice prior to the separation of mud. It is used at a low dosages and added to the limed and sulphited juice emerging from the juice sulphitor. After addition of Ezofix, the limed and sulphited juice goes through the 'S' Juice Heater where the temperature is raised to about 103o-104oC. The flocculant is added at this stage at the entry of the clarifier. The clear juice emerging as supernatant of the clarifier has reduced colour to the extent of 30 - 60% depending on the nature of colour causing substances which finally translates into a minimum of 25 - 30% reduction in colour of sugar produced from this juice.

Decolourising agent for syrup clarification (in refining)

EZOFIX is a highly cationic product effective as a decolourisation agent for syrup clarification in the phosflotation process and is used at dosages upto 150 ppm of polymer by weight of sugar solids. It is effective in removing most of the colour and also high molecular weight impurities such as starch and dextrane which results in good decolourisation as well as good filterability of clarified liquor. The colour of the syrup through use of EZOFIX reduces as much as 30 - 60%. The unsulphured syrup is treated with the colour precipitant while it is being pumped to a buffer tank which also acts as a feed tank for the clarifier. The treated syrup is passed through a heat exchanger to raise its temperature to 70o - 75oC which is then mixed with phosphoric acid and lime superheat (if needed) in a specially designed flash reactor to create primary flocs.