Areas of Excellence

Antiscalant / Dispersants

C-Neel antiscalants are phosphorous-free, low molecular-weight polymers, and are non-volatile and practically stable to hydrolysis at the temperatures in question. These polymers inhibits scale formation in evaporators caused due to the presence of hardness components in the sugar juice. The hardness components are generally calcium and magnesium ions in the presence of carbonate, oxalate and sulfate ions. This scale prevents effective heat transfer in the evaporator stages, leading to increased energy costs (based on the sugar obtained).


EZOLITE is a product of high potency scientifically formulated for sugar processing. It is a free folwing completely soluble in water and non corrosive to mill equipments.A few parts per million of juice of this microbiocide used regularly eliminates most of the problems due to micro organisms particularly leuconostic bacterium and fungi. It distincyly improves recovery much better than any other disinfectants.