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Anti Slime Agents

Slime formation in paper machines causes high costs.

Slime leads to formation of a bio-film causing :

  • Slime lumps leading to holes in the paper and breaks in web.
  • Sticking of valves and fittings causing operational problems.
  • Contamination of heat exchanger surfaces leading to poor heat transmission.
  • Corrosion
  • Production breaks.

This requires the implementation of anti-slime agents. Typical anti-slime agents are bromium-, organic sulfur- and quaternary ammonium compounds, as well as aldehydes. The application of Ezochem’s Anti Slime Agents represents an environmentally friendly alternative to the currently implemented organic biocides and

  • Prevents corrosive deposits and slimes.
  • Maintains clean support wire and mist zones.
  • Improves release behaviour of paper web.
  • Ensures less frequent boil-out.
  • Improves productivity through less breaks.
  • Eliminates need for biocides completely.